Source code for boxes.generators

import pkgutil
import inspect
import importlib
import boxes

ui_groups_by_name = {}

[docs]class UIGroup: def __init__(self, name, title=None, description="", image=""): = name self.title = title or name self.description = description self._image = image self.generators = [] # register ui_groups_by_name[name] = self
[docs] def add(self, box): self.generators.append(box) self.generators.sort(key=lambda b:getattr(b, '__name__', None) or b.__class__.__name__)
@property def thumbnail(self): return self._image and f"{self._image}-thumb.jpg" @property def image(self): return self._image and f"{self._image}.jpg"
ui_groups = [ UIGroup("Box", "Boxes", image="UniversalBox"), UIGroup("FlexBox", "Boxes with flex", image="RoundedBox"), UIGroup("Tray", "Trays and Drawer Inserts", image="TypeTray"), UIGroup("Shelf", "Shelves", image="DisplayShelf"), UIGroup("WallMounted", image="WallTypeTray"), UIGroup("Holes", "Hole patterns", image=""), UIGroup("Part", "Parts and Samples", image="BurnTest"), UIGroup("Misc", image="TrafficLight"), UIGroup("Unstable", description="Generators are still untested or need manual adjustment to be useful."), ]
[docs]def getAllBoxGenerators(): generators = {} for importer, modname, ispkg in pkgutil.walk_packages( path=__path__, prefix=__name__+'.'): module = importlib.import_module(modname) if module.__name__.split('.')[-1].startswith("_"): continue for k, v in module.__dict__.items(): if v is boxes.Boxes: continue if (inspect.isclass(v) and issubclass(v, boxes.Boxes) and v.__name__[0] != '_'): generators[modname + '.' + v.__name__] = v return generators
[docs]def getAllGeneratorModules(): generators = {} for importer, modname, ispkg in pkgutil.walk_packages( path=__path__, prefix=__name__+'.', onerror=lambda x: None): module = importlib.import_module(modname) generators[modname.split('.')[-1]] = module return generators