Source code for boxes.generators.keypad

"""Generator for keypads with mechanical switches."""

from copy import deepcopy

from boxes import Boxes, boolarg
from boxes.edges import FingerJointSettings

from .keyboard import Keyboard

[docs] class Keypad(Boxes, Keyboard): """Generator for keypads with mechanical switches.""" description = "Note that top layers use a different material thickness according to the top1_thickness and top2_thickness (if enabled)." ui_group = 'Box' btn_size = 15.6 space_between_btn = 4 box_padding = 10 triangle = 25.0 def __init__(self) -> None: super().__init__() self.argparser.add_argument( '--h', action='store', type=int, default=30, help='height of the box' ) self.argparser.add_argument( '--top1_thickness', action='store', type=float, default=1.5, help=('thickness of the button hold layer, cherry like switches ' 'need 1.5mm or smaller to snap in') ) self.argparser.add_argument( '--top2_enable', action='store', type=boolarg, default=False, help=('enables another top layer that can hold CPG151101S11 ' 'hotswap sockets') ) self.argparser.add_argument( '--top2_thickness', action='store', type=float, default=1.5, help=('thickness of the hotplug layer, CPG151101S11 hotswap ' 'sockets need 1.2mm to 1.5mm') ) # Add parameter common with other keyboard projects self.add_common_keyboard_parameters( # Hotswap already depends on top2_enable setting, a second parameter # for it would be useless add_hotswap_parameter=False, # By default, 3 columns of 4 rows default_columns_definition="4x3" ) self.addSettingsArgs(FingerJointSettings, surroundingspaces=1) def _get_x_y(self): """Gets the keypad's size based on the number of buttons.""" spacing = self.btn_size + self.space_between_btn border = 2*self.box_padding - self.space_between_btn x = len(self.columns_definition) * spacing + border y = max(offset + keys * spacing for (offset, keys) in self.columns_definition) + border return x, y def render(self): """Renders the keypad.""" # deeper edge for top to add multiple layers deep_edge = deepcopy(self.edges['f'].settings) deep_edge.thickness = self.thickness + self.top1_thickness if self.top2_enable: deep_edge.thickness += self.top2_thickness deep_edge.edgeObjects(self, 'gGH', True) d1, d2 = 2., 3. x, y = self._get_x_y() h = self.h # box sides self.rectangularWall(x, h, "GFEF", callback=[self.wallx_cb], move="right") self.rectangularWall(y, h, "GfEf", callback=[self.wally_cb], move="up") self.rectangularWall(y, h, "GfEf", callback=[self.wally_cb]) self.rectangularWall(x, h, "GFEF", callback=[self.wallx_cb], move="left up") # keypad lids self.rectangularWall(x, y, "ffff", callback=self.to_grid_callback(self.support_hole), move="right") self.rectangularWall(x, y, "ffff", callback=self.to_grid_callback(self.key_hole), move="up") if self.top2_enable: self.rectangularWall(x, y, "ffff", callback=self.to_grid_callback(self.hotplug)) # screwable tr = self.triangle trh = tr / 3 self.rectangularWall( x, y, callback=[lambda: self.hole(trh, trh, d=d2)] * 4, move='left up' ) self.rectangularTriangle( tr, tr, "ffe", num=4, callback=[None, lambda: self.hole(trh, trh, d=d1)] ) def to_grid_callback(self, inner_callback): def callback(): # move to first key center key_margin = self.box_padding + self.btn_size / 2 self.moveTo(key_margin, key_margin) self.apply_callback_on_columns( inner_callback, self.columns_definition, self.btn_size + self.space_between_btn ) return [callback] def hotplug(self): """Callback for the key stabilizers.""" self.pcb_holes( with_pcb_mount=self.pcb_mount_enable, with_diode=self.diode_enable, with_led=self.led_enable, ) def support_hole(self): self.configured_plate_cutout(support=True) def key_hole(self): self.configured_plate_cutout() # stolen form electronics-box def wallx_cb(self): """Callback for triangle holes on x-side.""" x, _ = self._get_x_y() t = self.thickness self.fingerHolesAt(0, self.h - 1.5 * t, self.triangle, 0) self.fingerHolesAt(x, self.h - 1.5 * t, self.triangle, 180) # stolen form electronics-box def wally_cb(self): """Callback for triangle holes on y-side.""" _, y = self._get_x_y() t = self.thickness self.fingerHolesAt(0, self.h - 1.5 * t, self.triangle, 0) self.fingerHolesAt(y, self.h - 1.5 * t, self.triangle, 180)