Source code for boxes.generators.regularbox

# Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Florian Festi
#   This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
#   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#   the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
#   (at your option) any later version.
#   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#   GNU General Public License for more details.
#   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#   along with this program.  If not, see <>.

from boxes import *
from boxes.generators.bayonetbox import BayonetBox

[docs] class RegularBox(BayonetBox): """Box with regular polygon as base""" description = """For short side walls that don't fit a connecting finger reduce *surroundingspaces* and *finger* in the Finger Joint Settings. The lids needs to be glued. For the bayonet lid all outside rings attach to the bottom, all inside rings to the top. """ ui_group = "Box" def __init__(self) -> None: Boxes.__init__(self) self.addSettingsArgs(edges.FingerJointSettings, surroundingspaces=1) self.buildArgParser("h", "outside") self.argparser.add_argument( "--radius_bottom", action="store", type=float, default=50.0, help="inner radius of the box bottom (at the corners)") self.argparser.add_argument( "--radius_top", action="store", type=float, default=50.0, help="inner radius of the box top (at the corners)") self.argparser.add_argument( "--n", action="store", type=int, default=5, help="number of sides") self.argparser.add_argument( "--top", action="store", type=str, default="none", choices=["none", "hole", "angled hole", "angled lid", "angled lid2", "round lid", "bayonet mount", "closed"], help="style of the top and lid") self.argparser.add_argument( "--alignment_pins", action="store", type=float, default=1.0, help="diameter of the alignment pins for bayonet lid") self.argparser.add_argument( "--bottom", action="store", type=str, default="closed", choices=["none", "closed", "hole", "angled hole", "angled lid", "angled lid2", "round lid"], help="style of the bottom and bottom lid") self.lugs=6 def render(self): r0, r1, h, n = self.radius_bottom, self.radius_top, self.h, self.n if self.outside: r0 = r0 - self.thickness / math.cos(math.radians(360/(2*n))) r1 = r1 - self.thickness / math.cos(math.radians(360/(2*n))) if == "none": h = self.adjustSize(h, False) elif "lid" in and != "angled lid": h = self.adjustSize(h) - self.thickness else: h = self.adjustSize(h) t = self.thickness r0, sh0, side0 = self.regularPolygon(n, radius=r0) r1, sh1, side1 = self.regularPolygon(n, radius=r1) # length of side edges #l = (((side0-side1)/2)**2 + (sh0-sh1)**2 + h**2)**0.5 l = ((r0-r1)**2 + h**2)**.5 # angles of sides -90° aka half of top angle of the full pyramid sides a = math.degrees(math.asin((side1-side0)/2/l)) # angle between sides (in boxes style change of travel) phi = 180 - 2 * math.degrees( math.asin(math.cos(math.pi/n) / math.cos(math.radians(a)))) fingerJointSettings = copy.deepcopy(self.edges["f"].settings) fingerJointSettings.setValues(self.thickness, angle=phi) fingerJointSettings.edgeObjects(self, chars="gGH") beta = math.degrees(math.atan((sh1-sh0)/h)) angle_bottom = 90 + beta angle_top = 90 - beta fingerJointSettings = copy.deepcopy(self.edges["f"].settings) fingerJointSettings.setValues(self.thickness, angle=angle_bottom) fingerJointSettings.edgeObjects(self, chars="yYH") fingerJointSettings = copy.deepcopy(self.edges["f"].settings) fingerJointSettings.setValues(self.thickness, angle=angle_top) fingerJointSettings.edgeObjects(self, chars="zZH") def drawTop(r, sh, top_type, joint_type): if top_type == "closed": self.regularPolygonWall(corners=n, r=r, edges=joint_type[1], move="right") elif top_type == "angled lid": self.regularPolygonWall(corners=n, r=r, edges='e', move="right") self.regularPolygonWall(corners=n, r=r, edges='E', move="right") elif top_type in ("angled hole", "angled lid2"): self.regularPolygonWall(corners=n, r=r, edges=joint_type[1], move="right", callback=[lambda:self.regularPolygonAt( 0, 0, n, h=sh-t)]) if top_type == "angled lid2": self.regularPolygonWall(corners=n, r=r, edges='E', move="right") elif top_type in ("hole", "round lid"): self.regularPolygonWall(corners=n, r=r, edges=joint_type[1], move="right", hole=(sh-t)*2) if top_type == "round lid":*2, move="right") if == "bayonet mount": self.diameter = 2*sh*2-0.1*t, callback=self.lowerCB, move="right") self.regularPolygonWall(corners=n, r=r, edges='F', callback=[self.upperCB], move="right")*2, move="right") with self.saved_context(): drawTop(r0, sh0, self.bottom, "yY") drawTop(r1, sh1,, "zZ") self.regularPolygonWall(corners=n, r=max(r0, r1), edges='F', move="up only") fingers_top = in ("closed", "hole", "angled hole", "round lid", "angled lid2", "bayonet mount") fingers_bottom = self.bottom in ("closed", "hole", "angled hole", "round lid", "angled lid2") t_ = self.edges["G"].startwidth() bottom_edge = ('y' if fingers_bottom else 'e') top_edge = ('z' if fingers_top else 'e') d_top = max(0, -t_ * math.sin(math.radians(a))) d_bottom = max(0.0, t_ * math.sin(math.radians(a))) l -= (d_top + d_bottom) if n % 2: e = bottom_edge + 'ege' + top_edge + 'eeGee' borders = [side0, 90-a, d_bottom, 0, l, 0, d_top, 90+a, side1, 90+a, d_top, -90, t_, 90, l, 90, t_, -90, d_bottom, 90-a] for i in range(n): self.polygonWall(borders, edge=e, correct_corners=False, move="right") else: borders0 = [side0, 90-a, d_bottom, -90, t_, 90, l, 90, t_, -90, d_top, 90+a, side1, 90+a, d_top, -90, t_, 90, l, 90, t_, -90, d_bottom, 90-a] e0 = bottom_edge + 'eeGee' + top_edge + 'eeGee' borders1 = [side0, 90-a, d_bottom, 0, l, 0, d_top, 90+a, side1, 90+a, d_top, 0, l, 0, d_bottom, 90-a] e1 = bottom_edge + 'ege' + top_edge + 'ege' for i in range(n//2): self.polygonWall(borders0, edge=e0, correct_corners=False, move="right") self.polygonWall(borders1, edge=e1, correct_corners=False, move="right")