Source code for boxes.generators.slidingdrawer

from boxes import *

[docs] class SlidingDrawer(Boxes): """Sliding drawer box""" ui_group = "Box" def __init__(self) -> None: Boxes.__init__(self) self.buildArgParser(x=60, y=100, h=30, outside='true') self.addSettingsArgs(edges.FingerJointSettings, finger=2.0, space=2.0) self.addSettingsArgs(edges.GroovedSettings, width=0.4) self.argparser.add_argument( "--play", action="store", type=float, default=0.15, help="play between the two parts as multiple of the wall thickness") def render(self): x, y, h = self.x, self.y, self.h x = self.adjustSize(x) y = self.adjustSize(y) h = self.adjustSize(h) t = self.thickness p = * t y = y + t if not self.outside: x = x + 4*t+ 2*p y = y + 3*t+ 2*p h = h + 3*t+ 2*p x2 = x - (2*t + 2*p) y2 = y - (2*t + 2*p) h2 = h - (t + 2*p) self.rectangularWall(x2, h2, "FFzF", label="in box wall", move="right") self.rectangularWall(y2, h2, "ffef", label="in box wall", move="up") self.rectangularWall(y2, h2, "ffef", label="in box wall") self.rectangularWall(x2, h2, "FFeF", label="in box wall", move="left up") self.rectangularWall(y2, x2, "FfFf", label="in box bottom", move="up") self.rectangularWall(y, x, "FFFe", label="out box bottom", move="right") self.rectangularWall(y, x, "FFFe", label="out box top", move="up") self.rectangularWall(y, h, "fffe", label="out box wall") self.rectangularWall(y, h, "fffe", label="out box wall", move="up left") self.rectangularWall(x, h, "fFfF", label="out box wall")